Is Technical Diving Only for the Insane and Hardcore Scuba Diver?

You have visible photographs of these scuba divers. You might have even visible them strolling round at your neighborhood dive web page. They have a plethora of tools on, maximum of it seems heavy. They have hoses jogging in special guidelines. Extra bottles hanging off the side of them. You suppose to yourself; they should be nuts to ever revel in scuba diving that manner. You additionally re-verify to your self which you don’t have what it takes to be a Technical Scuba Diver. Still, you begin to surprise how a good deal more you can see if you could live down longer. What else is out there in an effort to explore if you had that greater air…

Now, at this point in time I will point out that Technical Scuba Diving is a desire that you have to make. Reason for that; in particular is MINDSET! If you’re extreme about becoming a Technical Diver (Tec Diver), you have to receive the mental requirements that go with being a Tec Diver. This isn’t always a “subsequent logical step” in scuba diving. As a recreational scuba diver, you have got masses of possibilities to explore your limitations and what King Neptune and Mother Nature should offer you. Still, this newsletter is ready dispelling more than one myths accessible about becoming a Tec Diver.

Technical Scuba Diving is an equipment intensive sport. Because of what you’re making plans and what your goals are, you need to have more equipment with you. You do not want to exit and spend 10000 on new device and tools. We will communicate a touch later about training applications. AS a PADI Instructor, the use of the PADI system, you I don’t have my students purchase everything right away. You ought to strive a pair of factors first, and spot what you want before just beginning the pockets up and spending money (By the manner, in case you sense which you must do this, please contact me. I let you spend it). Let’s talk about how to get into Technical Diving with out breaking open a new mortgage.

Many training agencies have an Intro to Technical Diving magnificence, or a step program into Technical Diving. PADI (Professional Association of Diving Instructors) broke their Technical Diving software into a couple of phases. The first three stages, you grow to be a technical diver and certify within the regions earlier than you get to Trimix or other technical diving gas mixtures. Their machine is damaged down into Tec40; Tec45; and Tec50 (Broken down into the meters a technical diver is certified too). For the basis of this conversation, we are going to stay in the Tec40 certification. Reason being is that Tec40 has a max intensity of a hundred thirty feet. Sounds familiar does not it? Tec40 keeps you inside Recreational Scuba diving limits. Our awareness with Tec40 is to begin getting to know how to plan, build abilties and make bigger our backside time for the equal intensity that we ought to already be certified for.

Which makes Tec40 an excellent place for someone to start out in Technical diving. Equipment clever, you might be capable of use the same system that you are currently the usage of proper now. Tec40 requires which you have 2 impartial respiratory sources. This may be completed via setting an “H” Valve to your modern-day scuba diving cylinder (this allows you the potential to shut one supply of air off at the same time as respiration from the opposite regulator). Or you could convey a further Deco or Pony bottle. NO, a Spare Air will not paintings for this. I could suggest at the least a 40cuft cylinder as your additional bottle. There is your 2nd respiration supply. No requirement for doubles proper here. You probable will must purchase an additional cylinder and some other regulator set up. Other benefit here, if you pick to preserve on with Tec Diving, you now have system purchased for future certifications. You have just unfold the value of gadget out a touch bit.

I do want to caution you right here: Make sure your BCD is able to maintaining the weight and extra gadget. If your BCD has plastic hooks and clips, it’ll now not ultimate under the pressure of tec diving. If your BCD isn’t capable of lifting at least forty kilos, then it too will not suffice underneath tec diving. I actually have visible divers try to make a current BCD paintings but due to the quantity of equipment they have on, their BCD bladder is filled to potential and after they go to add more air it just purges out. Not a secure manner to be technical diving. If you’re in need of picking up another BCD, you’ve got a couple of different alternatives to study. Let’s take a look at them:

First alternative, you realize that you are not going to preserve on to other tec diving guides. You are simply going to purchase a BCD that will be able to meet the needs of Tec40 diving. I could advocate that you buy a BCD to satisfy one need. I recognise that there are BCD’s different that make these statements that you can use them with unmarried and double tanks. Just a easy attachment and you may amplify the BCD to Tec diving. I actually have one BCD for my single tank diving. Yes, it has the potential to carry more bottles conveniently and has the elevate necessities that I need. I also use if for my recreational diving. For my doubles, I have another wing and harness for that rig. No way am I going to try to use one BCD to fulfill all the requirements of Tec diving and Recreational diving.

Cure diving accident attorney Hawaii, don’t be fearful of attempting out sidemount scuba diving. You might be absolutely, pleasantly amazed and keep doing it all of the time. Sidemount diving has the cylinders slung under your palms, along your sides. Your valves are there so as to see, no complicated technique to shutdown a cylinder in case you had too. Most scuba divers trim out clearly properly with a sidemount rig. Better body role inside the water than in the event that they had their very own leisure equipment on. It is also easier to your frame. If you’ve got decrease again pain, or struggle to hold your single tank around within the modern-day BCD configuration, give sidemount diving a try. I assume you would possibly fall in love with it proper there.

Lastly, in case you are looking at going the traditional doubles on the lower back. Try a couple of configurations out first. There are more than one harnesses, backplates, wings and manifolds. Each one among these items are going to affect the way you trim out underwater. So test a touch bit and hopefully your trainer has a pair matters to attempt out and notice if you want it.

These options are for in case you need to purchase a BCD to make your tec diving safe. You also can use a number of those keys to consider what to buy inside the destiny in case you need too. Other device that you are going to need?

Regulators! You are going to need to have more than one reliable regulators which could manage prolonged durations below water, would possibly ought to face up to cooler temperatures and possibly debris. If you have got regulators that best are right for diving within the South Pacific or Caribbean you would possibly want to have a look at upgrading. Unless you’re only tec diving in those regions. Still, I might put it on your Christmas listing to upgrade them. You will want one regulator for each cylinder. So plan as a consequence.

Other item that I might strongly advocate is a dry fit. You’re going to be underwater for longer periods of time. Even inside the Caribbean waters which might be eighty degrees, you are going to get cold with the aid of the quit of the dive due to the fact water is casting off your frame warmth. Dry fits restrict this warmth loss. It isn’t fun to have hypothermia. Besides, it may additionally cause a rescue magnificence that we don’t want to accomplish right then.

Those are the important objects that I would recommend which you observe and make a severe willpower about if they can meet the requirements. If you aren’t positive, ask your direction teacher. They are there that will help you out as well as train you a way to turn out to be a tec diver.

Can girls be tec divers? Yes, they could! Sometimes they are higher tec divers than what men are. For a few cause men suppose that they have to do something irrespective of what. That attitude normally gets someone in problem ultimately. Women alternatively are a bit more careful and are inclined to make the right willpower approximately what is transpiring. Besides, a number of the satisfactory tec divers I realize are ladies. So don’t permit gender be an issue.

We have pointed out gadget, about if girls can be tec divers, now we’ve to speak approximately you! AS I eluded too in advance, your MINDSET plays the maximum essential component in being a safe and a success tec diver. While there are inherent risks in any form of scuba diving (yes, even at the recreational side), you have come to just accept those dangers. In tec diving, the ones risks begin to compound themselves extra due to the fact you’re going past the recreational scuba diving limits. If something is going wrong now, you do not have that immediately access to the surface. You do ought to provide you with the answer underwater. This is THE reason you as a tec diver have to be inclined to take the responsibility for keeping a tec diver mind-set and adhere to protocols that you may be taught. You will also want to practice those protocols so that they may be second nature to you. Along with that, you do not just practice even as you’re on your classes. You have to practice them nearly each time you’re within the water on a dive. You don’t know while some thing can move incorrect. So being prepared to reply effectively if that problem must rear its unpleasant head underwater is important.

Having a tec diver attitude manner which you don’t just strap the equipment on and bounce within the water and discern out your exploration. You ought to have a plan which you mentioned before moving into the water. Who is going to be where, who’s doing what? How long you’re underwater, what your deco stops are and what other methods you’re going to accomplish whilst underwater. Plan your tec fun dives like your actual tec dives to ensure you preserve the mindset right at the dive.

This is every other purpose I inform humans do not be a tec diver simply because it is the subsequent logical step. There are going to be instances that a tec dive is humbling to you. I know, I have been tec diving for years and every once in a while I have a dive that not anything is going proper and I just need to drag the plug. It is irritating and may be humiliating if you let it. Then once more, this is why we practice and go through all of the steps from setting our rig together to entering into the water. The conduct of the dive must be the identical all of the time. Those tec dives in which it feels nothing goes right, maximum of the time they may be a dive wherein I even have no longer been in the water with tec gear on for more than one months. So I want to get the rust knocked off and cognizance on being a tec diver and not on a bunch of different things. See, to be a gifted tec diver, you need to practice and dive!

Everything about tec diving has a special significance. From preserving a hover underwater to how your tools goes collectively. Each element plays a crucial function on your dive. So develop correct conduct early and you may preserve building on them at some stage in your tec dive profession.

Most scuba divers examine the system required for being a technical scuba diver and assume people are nuts just from that component. As you can see, you don’t want a group of fancy tools to be a technical scuba diver, it sincerely is greater essential that you have the precise attitude. Doesn’t count, girl or man, you want to have an appropriate attitude to be a a success technical diver. Equipment is simply some thing you need to be there. Mindset is what’s going to make certain you’ve got a secure and fun tec dive. So maybe, you are thinking now that a tec diver does not need to be insane. Instead, they want to be disciplined…

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