Florida Construction Contracts Need More Than Two Pages to Be Legal

I’m asked from time to time to propose a simple 2-web page construction agreement for states like Florida.

Where can I get a settlement like that?

If you notice one of these -web page wonders, you may make certain it’s junk – at the least inside the State of Florida. The legislators in Tallahassee have seen to that. Every legitimate Florida production contract will encompass numerous pages of notices and disclosures required by way of Florida law.

If you’ve been using a two-page agreement for residential construction in Florida, here is a accessible guide to what you are missing.

Opportunity to Repair (Florida Statures Chapter 558.Half)

Every creation settlement in Florida (besides public transportation initiatives) must consist of the “note of declare” declaration. The settlement remains legitimate in case you leave out this announcement. But the pleasant for leaving it out is $500 under Florida Statutes – 775.08(3).

Buyer’s Right to Cancel (Florida Statutes – 501.031)

Unless the deal become closed at a country fair, at your office or after an explicit invitation to go to your purchaser at domestic, residential contracts have to give note of the purchaser’s proper to cancel.

If the deal become closed, as an instance, over lunch in a eating place, at the phone, through email, on a golfing direction or at an architect’s office, it’s a home solicitation sale. I recognize that doesn’t make a great deal experience. But it’s Florida law. The be aware is required. Omission of the attention is a primary degree misdemeanor punishable through as much as a yr in jail and a $1,000 first-class underneath Florida Statutes – 775.082 and – 775.083.

Florida Construction Lien Notice (Florida Statutes – 713.0.5)

This word has to appear in all residential prime contracts worth $2,500 or extra if work is either new production or development of a constructing with four devices or less. The notice needs to be in 12-point formidable caps and both at the the front page of the agreement or on a separate page. If the notice is on a separate web page, this statement has to be signed by way of the owner and dated. Omitting this notice is a non-criminal violation punishable with the aid of a excellent of up to $500 beneath Florida Statutes – 775.08(three) and may make it tough for a top contractor to enforce lien rights.

Construction Industry Recovery Fund Notice (Florida Statutes – 489.1425)

Omission of this word is punishable by means of a nice of up to $500 for the primary offense and up to $1,000 for a 2nd or subsequent offense.

The Home Improvement Sales and Finance Act. (Florida Statutes – 520.Seventy three)

If a domestic improvement agreement includes a finance charge, Florida law calls for a declaration in 10-factor ambitious type directly above the proprietor’s signature. Omission of this notice calls for a credit of all delinquency costs charged, plus legal professional prices and charges.

If your Florida contracts fudge on these notices, you have an excuse. Some of these required notices are new. The right to restore notice have become effective October 1, 2006. The lien observe regulation have become powerful inside the present form on July 1, 2007.

Florida Contractor educating the Florida Construction Industry

This checklist covers simplest notices required by Florida law. Of route, all Florida contracts ought to follow Federal law – the three-day right to cancel (12 C.F.R. 226.15 ), Federal Truth in Lending (15 U.S.C. 1601) and insulation disclosures (sixteen C.F.R. 460). If you do domestic development paintings in zips among 33010 and 34141, Miami-Dade Municipal Code – 10-33 calls for extra disclosures.

Even in case you’re not worried approximately the danger of fines and prison time, there are good reasons to maintain your contracts prison under Florida regulation. Get right into a dispute on any process and the legal professional for the other facet will hammer away at each little flaw and blemish on your settlement. You will be left and not using a way to acquire.

So whilst a two-page production contract may be easy to get the owner to sign, it could not be completely prison beneath Florida law. It truely offers little or no safety have to some thing go incorrect. Unfortunately, maximum paperwork available on the Internet these days do now not cowl the provisions required by way of Florida settlement regulation.

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